Values Based Portfolio Management

Working closely with the BRI Institute, we have developed a sophisticated overlay screening process on all of our portfolio managers in which we seek to honor God in how profit is generated and avoid ownership of companies who profit in the following areas:

I. Abortion

Developing, manufacturing, or distributing abortifacients; performing or insuring elective abortions; or contributing to abortion activist organizations.

II. Pornography

Distributing or producing pornographic materials including magazines, film, internet, web hosting, and consulting.

III. Bioethics

Engaging in reproductive or therapeutic cloning, embryo harvesting, human embryonic stem cell or aborted human fetal tissue production or research.

IV. Anti-family Activities

Producing or distributing TV programs, movies, or videos that have the most violence, offensive
language, or strong sexual content.

V. Low Income Financial Services

Discriminatory lending, providing products or services that are exclusively or primarily to exploitive
businesses including companies that provide automobile loan/pawn lending, onsite used car lot high
interest rate loans, pay day loans, and refund anticipation loans.

VI. Gaming

Owners or operators of betting shops, casinos, lotteries, interactive TV, mobile phone gambling,
electronic gaming devices, race tracks, or sports wagering/betting. Also companies that produce
gaming, TV programing, consulting, and payment processing to the gambling industry.

VII. Tobacco

Manufacturing or distributing tobacco products.

VIII. Alcohol

Deriving primary income from distribution or manufacture of alcohol

Our “do not buy” list screens out approximately 7% of the more than 5,000 stocks represented in the Russell Large Cap, Mid Cap, and Small Cap Indexes, as well as the MSCI World Index. This leaves approximately 93% of the remaining market available for our portfolio managers to access in building our diversified portfolios.