Premier Manager Access

A unique advantage provided by Separately Managed Accounts is access to managers who may have anywhere from $1 million to $5 million minimums if you were to go to them directly. With our platform, we are able to diversify between several managers at levels far below their traditional minimums, whereby we are able to construct broadly diversified portfolios with several premier managers with total balances of as little as $1 million. Also, because our managers typically will hold anywhere from 30 to 50 stocks, we are able to obtain the manager’s strongest convictions, and thereby hopefully generate a stronger performance over time when compared with mutual funds or indexes.

With access to over 900 separately managed accounts, we leverage the expertise of 25 CFA® charterholders and research analysts to select our institutional managers and firms.  Utilizing both qualitative and quantitative measures, we build your portfolio around a handful of managers who have provided strong long term risk adjusted performance versus their relative indexes and peers.  Although past performance is not a guarantee for future results, we believe this objective due-diligence process gives Legacy Wealth & ultimately you, our valued client access to managers and firms we would define as ‘Premier.’