Portfolio Optimization

Focusing on your unique objectives and concerns, we utilize sophisticated processes and platforms, along with Monte Carlo simulations to optimize our portfolio construction and overall asset allocation. Following this process, we believe we create the highest likelihood of portfolio success in achieving your unique financial objectives.

Active Portfolio Management

While there are many opinions regarding active versus passive portfolio management, we embrace active managers who rely on analytical research, forecasts, and their own judgment and experience to make decisions on which securities to buy, sell, and hold.

Monte Carlo

We, along with our selected managers, believe that inefficiencies in the market create opportunities to identify mispriced securities and thereby achieve stronger long-term returns than simply following an index. More importantly, we seek out managers who have also shown the ability to minimize downside risk during volatile markets, whereby they are able to ultimately achieve lower risk with stronger performance through full market cycles.

Tactical Asset Allocation

We also believe a tactical asset allocation approach allows us to take advantage of sectors in the market that may be grossly underpriced, and reduce exposure to the areas in the market that may be significantly overpriced. Once again, we believe this philosophy allows us to reduce risk and enhance long-term growth. As such, we believe having active managers with a tactical view on asset allocation will help you achieve your financial goals even more effectively.

Value-Based Investing

Finally, we embrace a Values-Based Investing philosophy, whereby we are able to screen your portfolio from companies in industries which are inconsistent with your personal value system. Many holdings within a mutual fund or indexed portfolio may profit from activities such as predatory lending, pornography, abortion, or the tobacco industry. We have developed a thoughtful approach to screening out these types of companies, which still allows our managers to access approximately 95% of the overall market when constructing their portfolios.