As an independent firm, we are not owned or influenced by any investment or insurance companies, which can cause some financial firms to represent their company’s products, instead of the best solutions for you and your family.


We operate in a fiduciary capacity, so our interests are aligned with yours. We also select our portfolio managers from over 900 investment companies throughout the country as opposed to only using internal portfolio managers as many of the larger firms do.

Highly Customized Approach

Working primarily with institutions and the affluent, we tailor a customized approach to planning and portfolio management for your unique goals & special circumstances.

Long-Term, High Trust Relationships

Seeking to build lasting relationships, we possess a high level of accountability and ownership of the advice we provide, as well as the corresponding outcomes. Also, since our advisors are owners of Legacy Wealth, you can be confident in the longevity of your relationship with our firm.

Superior Personalized Attention

We know your finances are important to you, and they are important to us as well. As such, we believe providing the highest level of personalized service is a critical part of the value proposition we bring to our clients.